Tasty Treats To-Go

While having nutritious, balanced meals is important, eating healthy snacks is just as important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In a study conducted by Nestle, it was discovered that unhealthy snacking habits start early in life, with toddlers age 1 and up consuming one-third of their daily calories from snacking between meals.

“The most popular snacks were candy, crackers and cookies, with snacks tending to become less nutritious with age”, the survey found.

While it is easy to fall into a pattern of reaching for the chip bag or the jar of cookies every time your stomach rumbles, doing so can cause you to feel worse in the long-run.

After reading this study I realized that my snacking habits were certainly not the best they could be. By focusing on preparing healthy, natural meals I tended to overlook what I ate in-between. Basically, the healthy foods I would eat for my main meals were cancelled out by my love of M&Ms and Goldfish.

Determined to find healthy snacks without having to compromise taste, I returned to my trusty Pinterest account for inspiration. After some intense pinning I came up with a pretty good list of snack options that don’t compromise taste for nutrition! After trying each of these snacks, I can now say that a lot of them have become staples in my day-to-day routine.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has become my go-to snack lately. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits and I swear it goes well with just about anything! The creaminess of the avocado paired with the crunch of the bread is so yummy. To make this snack even more nutritious I like to use Ezekiel bread, which contains no added sugar and is made from organic, sprouted grains.  To add an extra kick I like to sprinkle some red pepper flakes on top and I would highly recommend it for those who like spicy foods.

Spicy Black Bean Hummus

This hummus is a great, nutritious alternative to the traditionally unhealthy bean dip. It serves as a perfect appetizer for parties and is a great  snack to keep in the fridge when you’re short on time. This hummus paired really well with crackers, but I have also used it as a spread on a wrap and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Vegan Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

If I could, I would eat cookie dough all of the time! In fact, I think that the cookie dough often tastes better than the baked cookies themselves most of the time! It is my love for cookie dough that led me to this recipe for vegan chickpea cookie dough dip. I will admit, I was skeptical that a dip made primarily of chick-peas could come close to the delicious taste of cookie dough. Boy was I wrong! This dip tastes like the real deal!

Frozen Banana Nibblers

When I am craving something sweet, but don’t have enough time to make something healthy from scratch, I immediatley turn to these frozen banana nibblers. They have the perfect balance of flavor, with the salty peanut butter perfectly offsetting the sweetness of the banana. I have made them using both peanut butter and almond butter and have liked them both! I keep a batch of these in my freezer at all for me and my roommate!


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